How Do You Operate the Shut-Off Valve for Your Ice Maker?


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To operate the shut-off valve for an ice maker, first locate the valve. Usually, it is located on the wall behind the refrigerator in a protective box. Rotate the lever or the knob of the valve by hand to shut off water supply.

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The water supply valve of an ice maker is normally present at the wall behind the refrigerator. Push the unit forward to reveal the precise location of the valve. If the valve is contained in a box covered by a metal or plastic guard, unscrew the guard. If the valve is not found behind the refrigerator, check near the cold water supply valve below the sink. If it's not there, continue following the water supply line until you reach the valve.

Once the water shut-off valve is located, check if it uses a lever or a knob for operation. If the valve has a lever, rotate it to shut off water supply to the ice maker. If a knob controls the valve, rotate it clockwise. If the lever or knob is hard to rotate by hand, use pliers or wrench to loosen them. Then rotate by hand to shut the water valve off completely.

Do not over-tighten the shut-off valve when turning off. This makes it easier to turn the valve back on.

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