How Do You Operate a Shop-Vac?

The method of operation for a Shop-Vac depends upon the function you would like it to perform. A Shop-Vac can vacuum up dry objects and wet objects and function as a blower.

To vacuum up dry objects, begin by releasing the latch on the top and opening the vacuum. Ensure that the inlet deflector, located below the power unit assembly, is facing the bottom of the tank. Slide the cartridge filter over the lid cage, and tighten the filter retainer in its place on top of the cartridge filter by turning it clockwise until it locks into place. Turn on the power switch, and use the vacuuming hose to suck up the dirt or debris.

To vacuum up wet objects, again open the vacuum and ensure that the inlet deflector is facing the top of the tank. Remove the filter retainer; this allows liquid to flow into the tank. Insert one end of the white plastic liquid pickup tube into the lid cage and the other into the hollow body of the vacuum cleaner, also known as the pickup tank. Replace the tank cover, and then push one end of the wet pickup elbow onto the liquid pickup tube and push the other end of the hose into the wet pickup tube elbow. Turn on the power switch, and begin suction.

To use a Shop-Vac as a blower, unscrew the blower cover on the back of the motor container, insert the vacuum hose into the blower port, and turn on the power switch.