How Do You Operate a Scissor Ladder?


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The exact procedures for operating a scissor ladder may differ depending on the model. When starting, look on the control panel for the emergency stop button, and pull on it. Using the key switch, select platform, and press enter. Look on the control panel for the emergency stop button, and pull it out. Look on the operator console for the needed buttons, controller and levers to help you continue your job.

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Before starting a scissor ladder, look around for obstacles, such as debris and holes. Be sure that there's enough space above, and ensure that the batteries are charged.

When shutting down the ladder, ensure that you lower the platform fully, then push the emergency stop buttons on both the base control and the operator console. Then, turn the base key switch off. Remember to take away any tools and debris around. Also, plug the scissor ladder in to recharge its battery.

Don't drive the scissor lift anywhere loading docks, drop-offs or holes. Stay clear of slopes when using the platform. If the chain, guardrails, midrails or the bar is not in place, do not use the machine. In addition, if any other part is missing or damaged, don't use it. The machine may not be insulated, which is why it's best to stay away from electrical power lines.

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