How Do You Operate a Noma Snow Blower?


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To operate Murray's Noma snow blower, first check the oil to ensure there is a proper level. Disengage all drive controls, and push the ON//OFF switch to the on position. Put the safety key into the ignition and, if the engine is cold, turn the choke knob in a clockwise direction before pushing the primer button twice. To operate the rewind start, pull the starter cord handle rapidly until the engine starts.

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To use the electric start, plug an extension cord into both the receptacle on the snow blower and the wall outlet. Press the start button and, once the engine is running, take the cord out of the wall outlet. Remove it from the snow blower's receptacle.

Turn the crank to determine what direction the snow blower moves, and pull the lever back for the remote shoot to throw snow down. If the snow needs to be thrown high and far away, pull the level forward.

To start the movement of the augers, press and hold the auger engage control. Activate Free-Hand Control by pressing the traction lever on the left-hand grip. This engages the traction drive, and the snow blower is able to move. Press the Free-Hand Control lever on the right-hand grip, and the auger engage control can be released while working.

Find the speed select lever to determine the forward drive speed. Assess the snow conditions. Move the lever to position 1-2 if the snow is heavy or slushy, position 3 if moderate, position 4-5 if light, or position 6 if the snow needs to be transported to another area.

To stop using the Noma snow blower, release the Free-Hand Control or auger engage control, as well as the traction control lever. Turn the ON/OFF switch to off and remove the safety key.

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