How Do You Operate a Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

To operate a Bissell carpet cleaner, take out the water and formula tanks of the machine, pour water and a cleaning solution into them, and replace the tanks. Then, provide power supply to the machine, let it get heated, push the trigger to begin the cleaning process over an area on the carpet, and then release it to suck in the used solution. Finally, take out the sucked in solution from the cleaner's relevant tank.

Begin operating a Bissell carpet cleaner by removing the water tank of the machine. To do this, lift the tank's handle to detach it, and tug it out. Alternatively, simply tilt the tank out. Then, fill the machine's water tank with hot and fresh tap water and replace it.

To take out the formula tank, tilt and pull it out of the machine. Undo the tank's cap, pour a suitable cleaning solution into it and replace it.

Now, plug the cleaner into a power outlet, switch it on, and let it get heated for a minimum of one minute. Then, push the machine's trigger down, and run the cleaner over a small area of the carpet in a back-and-forth motion. This action should spray cleaning solution and water and scrub them into the carpet area.

Next, release the trigger, and run the cleaner over the same carpet area in a similar manner. The cleaner should now pull in the used solution and water. Continue this step until the carpet area is free of surplus moisture.

Repeat the entire process until the whole carpet is cleaned. Refill water and cleaning solution in the tanks as and when required while cleaning. After cleaning, take out the tank with the used solution, and discard its contents via its spout.