How Do You Operate an Amana Dishwasher?

How Do You Operate an Amana Dishwasher?

The Amana dishwasher has inbuilt sensors. The sensors measure the soil level in each load and accordingly adjust the water usage and the cycle time. This enables the dishwasher to use the right amount of time and energy to clean the dishes.

Prior to loading the dishwasher, throw away any large soil particles. Clear any tomato-based soils. Remove foods like mustard, vinegar, lemon juice or dressings from steel dishes as they can cause rusting.

After loading the dishwasher and adding the detergent, select the desired cycle and options by pressing the pads. The respective indicator lights flash. Use a detergent designed for use in automatic dishwashers. To begin a cycle, close the door until it latches, and push the start pad. After a short pause, the filling starts.

To cancel a running cycle, press the start/cancel pad once. The dishwasher drains and then shuts off. Press the start/cancel pad twice to turn off the dishwasher without draining. The dishwasher has the facility to store the settings of the last cycle, so there is no need to reset the settings each time.

There are recommendations to keep in mind while operating the dishwasher. For optimal cleaning and drying, hot water is necessary. Regular use of a rinse aid improves drying and reduces spotting and filming. Face soiled surfaces toward the centre of the dishwasher. Avoid blocking the spray arms from spinning freely.