How Do You Open a Sentry Safe?

To open a Sentry safe, insert the key, turn it clockwise, and enter the factory code to open the electronic lock. Alternatively, turn the combination lock of the Sentry safe to unlock it. Pull the handle downward to open the door.

To open a safe with an electronic lock, place the tubular key into the key hole next to the key pad, and turn it clockwise until the plunger protrudes from the safe. The green Proceed light comes on when the user inputs the five-digit factory code into the keypad. The door can now be opened. Spare keys can be purchased on the Sentry website as long as the user has the lock reference number.

To open a combination safe, turn the dial so that the indicator mark rests at zero. Turn the dial counterclockwise so it passes the first combination number twice, stopping on the number a third time. Turn the dial clockwise, passing the second combination number once and stopping on it during the second turn. Turn the dial counterclockwise once more, stopping on the third combination number during the first pass. Open the door to access the contents of the safe. To change the combination on a Sentry safe, contact the customer service department during business hours.