How Do You Open a Painted Shut Window?


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One can open windows that are painted shut by sliding a putty knife between the window's stop bead and sash in order to break the paint seal, then opening the joint that is located between the window sill and bottom sash. The final step is to slide the knife long the rail that connects the top and bottom sash, then open the window.

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If the window will not open following the putty knife technique, positioning a flat pry bar in the windowsill and lightly hammering the end of the bar can help to dislodge the window sash. Once the window is open, it is important to clean up loose paint chips and sand down any rough spots prior to re-painting.

In cases in which the sash is severely stuck to the window sill, it may be necessary to remove and replace it with fresh wood and paint. The first step in removing the window sash is to carefully remove the vertical moldings that house the bottom sash.

The next step is to remove all screws and attachment hardware. Once the molding is loose, the final step is to gently pry it away from the sash. Prying the moldings from the back side helps to prevent marks and damage.

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