How Do You Open a Master Lock If You Forget the Combination?

If you forget the combination for a Master Lock, you can retrieve your combination from the company if your lock has a serial number and is not attached to anything. As of 2015, Master Lock has discontinued imprinting serial numbers on the lock bodies on combination locks. Instead, the company encourages lock owners to store their combinations at For security reasons, the company does not provide lost combinations if the lock is attached to anything.

If your lock has a serial number, there are two methods you can use to retrieve the combination and open it. Your first option is to visit a Master Lock retailer. You must bring the lock into the store, and the lock must not be attached to anything. The retail representative contacts Master Lock to obtain the combination on your behalf; Master Lock validates ownership of the lock through the representative. Master Lock does not charge for this service, but some retailers may charge you a small fee.

Your second option is to submit a Lost Combination Form. This form can be found on the Master Lock website. You must print and fill out the form and then have it notarized by a Notary Public to prove you are the lock's owner. Next, you must mail the form to the Master Lock Warehouse; the address for the warehouse can be found on the Master Lock website. The turnaround time for this method is approximately four to six weeks as of 2015.