How Do You Open a Liberty Safe?

The procedure for opening a Liberty safe depends on what type of locking mechanism the safe utilizes: mechanical, electronic, combination or key lock. Determine the type of safe and locking mechanism the safe employs and visit the Liberty Safe website to learn how to open the specific type of lock.

Use the following steps in order to open a Liberty safe.

  1. Determine the specific safe type and lock mechanism
  2. From Liberty Safe's website, select the specific safe from the products list to determine the safe's locking specifications and features or click on the Learn More link.

  3. Troubleshoot the lock
  4. Once the specific locking mechanism is determined, select the troubleshooting guide from the home page's left column. The guide shows users how to troubleshoot issues with opening the safe such as the combination not working or the key not opening the safe. There are also procedures to change lock combinations and locksmith services.