How Does One Use a Saeco Coffee Machine?


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Instructions for using a Philips Saeco coffee machine vary widely depending on the model, but the Poemia espresso machines require adding ground coffee to the group handle, clipping it into place and turning the machine's dial to the left. Refer to the specific model's user manual for exact instructions.

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To use the Phoemia espresso machine, flip the switch on the back of the machine to turn it on and begin heating the boiler, and wait for the indicator light to turn on before beginning brewing. Make sure the water container is filled before placing an ESE espresso pod or ground coffee into the corresponding filter. Place the coffee in the group handle, and clip the handle into place. Place the espresso cups or mugs under the spout, keeping in mind that the machine does not accommodate larger mugs. Turn the dial on the front of the device to the left to initiate the pump and begin brewing.

Saeco also features a range of one-touch cappuccino, espresso and latte machines that grind and brew coffee inserted into the machine as well as froth milk. These machines are designed for easy use and cleaning, and many models include special functions identified by buttons, words and symbols on the front of the machine.

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