How Does One Use a Rainbow Aquamate Shampooer?

To use a Rainbow Aquamate shampooer, fill the tank with water, attach the Aquamate to the vacuum, and fill the shampoo bottle before cleaning your carpet or rug. To ensure proper operation of the machine, only use Rainbow Vacuum cleaning products.

  1. Add water to the reservoir

    Fill the tank with lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water, since it may damage the attachments. Wipe up any excess water to prevent it from leaking into other areas of the vacuum.

  2. Attach the Aquamate to the vacuum

    Carefully attach the tank to the Aquamate, and secure the Aquamate to the basin, which collects the dirty water.

  3. Fill the shampoo bottle

    Remove the shampoo bottle from the unit, and fill it with the designated amount of cleaning product. Reattach the bottle before cleaning.

  4. Clean the carpet or rug

    Start at the corner of the room, and using short strokes, pass the attachment over the surface of the carpet. If there are stains, pass over these areas several times or until you have removed the stain. Once the carpet has been completely cleaned, let it dry. Avoid walking on the carpet until it has dried. Drying times vary depending on the density of the carpet and the temperature and humidity of the room.