How Does One Use a Maytag Maxima Front-Loading Washer?

How Does One Use a Maytag Maxima Front-Loading Washer?

Using the Maytag Maxima front-loading washer is a multi-step process. Begin by reviewing the model's control panel, which shows what features are available for the machine.

Check the wash cycle knob to see what settings can be chosen. Depending on the model, choices may include rapid wash, sanitize, allergen, wrinkle control, bedding and other options.

Prepare the clothes for washing. This includes sorting garments according to recommended wash temperature and removing items from pockets. If needed, add laundry products such as color-safe bleach or fabric softener crystals to the machine. Consult the model's manual to see which products are safe to use. Place sorted clothes into the machine and close the door firmly.

Add high-efficiency (HE) liquid or powdered laundry detergent in the dispenser. Some people also add liquid fabric softener or liquid chlorine bleach in the designated compartments, though this is optional. Close the compartments securely, and press the Power/Cancel button to turn on the machine.

Rotate the cycle knob to the desired setting. Adjust other settings found on the control panel, such as temperature, spin speed and extra rinse, as needed. Begin the wash cycle by pressing the Start button. Once the cycle is done, remove the clothes promptly.