How Does One Use a Keurig Basket?


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To use a Keurig basket or reusable filter, the user should remove the inner filter unit from the appliance, fill the reusable basket with ground coffee, and place it in its housing unit. This should then be placed into the Keurig machine so the user can begin brewing.

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The user can begin by lifting the handle where the K-cup is inserted into the machine to lift out the inner filter, which is too large to hold the basket's housing unit. Placing the basket directly in the inner filter can cause leaking, and the housing unit is built to replace this filter. The user should then add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to the wire basket if making a 6-ounce cup, being careful not to pack the basket as this can cause the grounds to overflow and clog the filter. Fine espresso grounds may also lead to clogging.

Users may then insert the filled basket into the housing unit, screwing on the lid. This should be placed in the Keurig's holder assembly. After closing the device, filling the machine's tank with water and placing a coffee cup under the drip spout, the user can select the cup size and press Brew. The basket should be washed periodically with soapy water.

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