How Does One Troubleshoot a Propane Heat Pump?


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Homeowners can troubleshoot a propane heat pump by inspecting the settings on the thermostat to ensure the set point is above room temperature and by checking power settings such as the breaker, fuse, heat pump switch and the fan. The indicator lights can also indicate if the unit is powered.

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Heat pumps often malfunction due to faulty thermostats. Home owners can begin the troubleshooting process by powering off the thermostat, adjusting the settings and monitoring whether or not the heat pump begins to function. Restart the heat pump on a low temperature setting for best results.

If a heat pump is not cooling or heating properly, cycles on and off frequently or freezes up, homeowners can check the circuit breakers to assess if a fuse has tripped or the electrical panel is malfunctioning. Without power supplied to the heat pump, the unit does not operate. If a fuse has tripped, homeowners can flip the switch off and on to reset the circuit.

Routine maintenance may help troubleshoot problems with a heat pump. For example, homeowners can inspect room-heating registers to ensure they are open and change filters that serve the heat pump. It may also help to clean the coils of the outdoor condensing unit when troubleshooting a heat pump.

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