How Does One Set up a TIG Welder?


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Setting up a TIG welder begins with connecting the welding machine and the torch, and then plugging the regulator hose in at the marked spots. Connect the grounding clamp into the grounded object, such as a work table. Set the welder properly, and then prepare the tungsten wire. Insert the tungsten wire into the torch, turn the machine on and start welding.

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  1. Plug the torch

    Connect the torch into the machine, and plug in the gas and tube at the marked place. Ensure each hose clamps or screws into labeled connectors on the machine. If the machine has an inbuilt pedal, use it for controlling the amperage. Some machines have an optional hand- or foot-operated lever that controls the amperage during welding.

  2. Connect the grounding clamp

    Connect your grounding clamp on a grounded object, such as a table. Use a clamp that securely clamps to any grounded object. Select the proper material on the welder to choose amperage based on the material you want to weld. TIG welding machines use AC for aluminum and DC for steel-alloy material.

  3. Start welding the tungsten wire

    Insert the tungsten into the torch leaving about a quarter inch sticking out of the front end of the torch. Plug your TIG machine into a power source and start welding.

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