How Does One Replace the Lid on a Septic Tank?


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To remove and replace a septic tank lid, begin by locating the septic tank. Contact either the past homeowners, local tank pumpers or your area’s health department. They may tell you the position of your septic tank. Remove debris or cut back longer grass to access the lid.

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Use a measuring tape to determine the width of your septic lid. Then, establish the type of material that the lid is made of. It could be a high-density polythene, PVC or concrete. Get a replacement lid of your choice in the correct size.

With the assistance of another person, use a backhoe to lift and remove a concrete septic tank and risers because it is too heavy to do so alone. If you prefer your new lid to be concrete, hire an operator to install the new lid.

You can easily remove PVC or polythene lids by yourself or with the help of another person according to the instructions of the manufacturer. A PVC lid is the easiest type of septic tank lid because bonds adhere easily to the lid, making it simpler to fasten it to the septic tank. The PVC lid is also strong and does not require treatment to make it last. You need to dome a polythene lid to make it last. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to do this.

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