How Does One Repair a Maytag Washer Without Calling in for Service?


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To repair a Maytag washer without calling in for service, first identify the specific issue, and then repair or replace the failing part. Common problems with Maytag washers include clogged drain pumps, damaged tub seals and cracked drive pulleys.

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If a Maytag washer does not drain water, the drain pump or the water pump belt might be defective. The drain pump, when clogged, leads to less or no water draining. Drain pumps are irreparable and must be replaced. If the problem persists, inspect the door lock motor and switch assembly. Use an ohmmeter to test the parts for continuity, and replace any of them if defective.

If a washing machine is leaking during operation, check to see whether the tub seal or door boot seal is torn, and replace any of them if need be. If this does not solve the problem, examine the drain pump and the drain hose to see if any of the parts has a hole or a crack.

If the washer is loud during operation, the drive pulley or the clutch might be damaged. Remove the drive pulley, examine it carefully to see if it cracked, and it if it's defective. If the washer is making noise in the spin cycle, inspect the clutch assembly, and replace it if faulty. If this does not fix the problem, examine the water inlet valve and tub bearing, and replace either of the parts, if necessary.

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