How Does One Repair a Dishwasher Drain Hose?


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Removing the hose from the dishwasher pump assembly and loosening the blockage inside, either by jiggling it or spraying a garden hose through it at full pressure, should resolve any issues causing the hose to fail. If cracks or holes have formed, replacement of the hose is the best option.

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Going to the circuit box and turning off the switch that powers the dishwasher is the first step in this process, and unplugging the dishwasher from the outlet makes the process doubly safe. Taking the lower kickplate panel off is done by taking out some screws either below or above the panel. The owner's manual for the dishwashwer provides the exact method for finding this kickpanel.

Next, put a shallow basin below the hose running from the pump beneath the lower spray arm. This is the drain hose, and the smaller hose attached to the pump is a recirculation hose. Sliding the wire clamps up the hoses and taking them off the pump assembly prepares the hoses for repair.

Wiggling the drain hose and then running water through it should restore it to normal function, as those actions dislodge any matter blocking it. Repeating the process for the recirculation hose keeps the homeowner from having to repeat this process later on for blockage. Reconnecting the hoses and then putting back the clamps and the kickpanel precede turning the power back on to the dishwasher and testing it for normal operation.

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