How Does One Repair a Chip in Tile?

If the chip in a damaged tile is small, it is easier to repair the chip than replace the entire tile. SFGate offers a simple method for repairing a chipped tile. For this method, you need some epoxy glue, a toothpick, sandpaper, a small brush and paint that matches the tile being fixed.

  1. Fill in the chipped piece of tile

    Using the epoxy glue, fill in the section of tile that has been chipped. Certain types of epoxy adhesives require mixing. If this is the case, make sure that you correctly mix the glues before you apply them to the chipped tile.

  2. Fit the adhesives to the shape of the tile

    Smooth out the top of the applied epoxy glue and maneuver it into the chipped section of tile using your toothpick. Because some adhesives dry quickly, it is important to have these materials on hand and to be prepared to shape the glue.

  3. Let the glue dry and flatten it

    Wait for the glue to dry. Once it is dried, use the sandpaper to flatten it and fit it precisely to the missing tile chunk. Remove any excess dust or glue before continuing.

  4. Paint the repaired tile section

    Paint the glue with your small brush and the matching paint so that is looks like it was originally part of the tile. Give this coat of paint some time to dry before stepping on the tiles again.