How Does One Remove Lint From Clothing?


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There are numerous ways to remove lint from clothing, ranging from applying and removing adhesive tape to using products made for the purpose. Lint rollers, which are available at many drug stores and department stores, are highly effective, but other methods that work well include cutting the lint off with a razor or lint-shaving tool.

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In some cases, placing a piece of lint-covered clothing in the dryer with a clean dryer sheet and running the appliance on "air only" or the "no heat" setting for a few minutes is enough to remove lint. However, it is important for one to clean the dyer's lint trap before trying this trick, or it is unlikely to work. Other effective methods include using a pumice stone to catch lint and remove it or applying cellophane tape over the lint on clothing before peeling it off. Contact paper works well for larger pieces of clothing or items that have excessive pilling or lint.

Single-blade razors are also useful in removing lint from clothing. This is done by running the blade firmly over fabric in one direction in order to remove lint, hair and other debris. It's best not to press too hard, however, to avoid damaging the fabric. Small, battery-operated lint shavers, also available at many department stores and drug stores, quickly and safely remove lint without tearing or puncturing the fabric. These, along with lint rollers, work well on delicate fabrics, whereas a pumice stone or razor should be used on sturdier items, such as those made from thick wool.

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