How Does One Refill Blue Rhino Propane Tanks?


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Blue Rhino propane tanks are not available for refills, but rather exchanged for full tanks. When an empty tank is returned, it is cleaned, repainted if necessary, leak-tested, safety-inspected, refilled and covered with a protective cap. Afterwards, it is once again made available at an exchange center.

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At exchange centers, Blue Rhino accepts not only Blue Rhino labeled tanks, but any tanks for standard gas grills as long as they are in good condition. New tanks have to be equipped with overfill protection devices, or OPDs, as specified by the National Fire Protection Association. Obsolete tanks without protective devices have round or star-shaped hand wheels, whereas OPD hand wheels are triangular with "OPD" written on the wheel. It is illegal to use obsolete tanks, but they can be exchanged at Blue Rhino exchange centers for tanks with OPDs. Some retailers may charge an extra upgrade fee.

The amount of time a Blue Rhino propane tank lasts depends on the appliance it is used with, as appliances have different consumption rates.

Blue Rhino is a part of Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., which is the second largest propane distributor in the United States. More than 40,000 retailers around the country exchange Blue Rhino propane tanks.

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