How Does One Mount Large Navy Medals?


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To mount large Navy medals, one needs to hang them from a 4-inch length of cardboard-reinforced ribbon and fasten them to a thin cardboard mounting plaque covered with matching strips of ribbon. Navy regulations stipulate that large medals must be mounted in groups of no more than three if the medals do not overlap. Groups of overlapping medals must not exceed five medals per row.

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Large mounted Navy medals are only worn with Full Dress Blues and Full Dress Whites. The Navy also maintains guidelines regarding small medals, which appear on dinner dress uniforms and formal dress uniforms. Small medals are strung on a metal bar pin in groups of up to five per pin.

To display Navy medals at other times, one should mount them in a shadowbox. These boxes have glass tops that protect the colorful ribbons from fading in excessive sunlight. They also protect the medals from dust, moisture and temperature changes.

In addition to medals, military shadowboxes typically contain items such as rank pins, name tags, service badges, photographs, letters and official documents. Large shadowboxes have memorial flag compartments. All flags must be neatly folded into the traditional triangular shape and kept out of direct sunlight. This is especially important for flags not made from fade-resistant materials.

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