What Is a One-Man Sawmill Used For?

What Is a One-Man Sawmill Used For?

A one-man sawmill is used for producing commodity lumber and special timber items, for building homemade projects, to true up the logs, to cut salvage logs, and for cutting logs at the location where the trees are cut. In addition, this sawmill is used by individuals for commercial purposes.

A one-man or portable sawmill cuts through lumber with great accuracy and speed. Hence, it is often used for producing commodity lumber that are available in standard sizes.

It is also used typically for producing special hardwood used in furniture, particularly when the wood volume required is low. The mill also helps produce large-sized timbers that are used in framing methods that employ posts and beams. It acts as an effective replacement for the drawknife when truing up the logs used in log building, rendering the process faster.

Salvage logs that are valued greatly can be efficiently cut using the one-man sawmill, since its kerf blade that is thin, increases the yield of board foot.

Many individuals use the one-man sawmill to construct homemade projects as a means to saving money since the lumber cut using it can be utilized directly for these purposes. It is also used by people for generating income by cutting lumber, full or part time, in the form of a mobile service.

Businesses use the mill to cut logs on site to reduce log transportation costs and for harvesting reclaimed lumber.