How Does One Make Pull Shades for Windows?


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A pull shade is made using fabric, a wood dowel or aluminum tube, a small wood slat, a beaded chain, an iron, iron-on shade material and a shade clutch. Pull shade kits are also sold at local hardware stores and include all of the necessary pieces to build a pull shade.

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The first step in creating a homemade pull shade is for the homeowner to cut a piece of fabric to accommodate the length and width of the desired window. The fabric should be cut to allow 6 inches of excess material around the entire perimeter of the window frame. Then, the homeowner cuts a piece of iron-on shade material to the same dimensions as the fabric. Next, he attaches a small wooden slat, called a pull slat, to the bottom of the fabric before fusing the fabric and shade material together. He should complete this by first placing the wooden slat at the bottom of the fabric and folding the excess cloth over the slat, then by sewing along the edge of the covered slat or using a piece of fusible tape to seal the slat within the roll of fabric. He fuses the fabric and the shade material using an iron to make one piece. Next, he attaches the single piece of shade to the wooden dowel or aluminum tube in the same manner as the pull slat.

The shade clutch is next on the installation list. The shade clutch provides the means by which the shade can be rolled back up. It should be attached to the end of the shade rod by following the instructions on the package. The shade clutch has a chain included as well that is installed with the clutch. To finish, the homeowner secures the shade rod to the top of the window frame using a pair of brackets to hang the pull shade.

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