How Does One Install SmartSide Siding Installation?


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Proper wall preparation is the first step in SmartSide siding installation. It is necessary for safeguarding the siding from environmental moisture. Place a polystyrene moisture barrier screwed in through the rigid foam board insulation to the wall studs.

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Begin with lap installation after completion of the wall preparation. Place a starter strip 6 inches above the grade and at least an inch above any structural layer. Nail the starter course along the bottom of the wall on top of the starter strip. Use hot-dipped galvanized nails to nail the siding into the studs. It is mandatory that the joint ends up on top of the stud.

Overlap the first course of siding. The subsequent courses alternate to avoid the joints falling on the same stud in contiguous rows. The top course should overrun the previously placed course by an inch. Expansion of the SmartSide siding is commonly seen due to the absorption of moisture. For this very purpose, a gap is left at every joint between every siding piece and between the siding and the trim pieces during installation.

Spread a sealant in all the gaps and joints. Set a ledger between the siding and the wall sheathing so that they remain unaffected by moisture. Priming and painting the siding with an exterior acrylic latex paint avoids detrimental effects on the siding due to moisture.

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