How Does One Install a Molly Bolt?

To install a molly bolt, first drill a hole the diameter of the molly. Then use a hammer to tap the bolt in until the screw head is against the wall. Once the bolt is through, use a slotted screwdriver to turn the molly so that the bolt head moves forward and the molly?s legs expand. When you feel strong resistance, the molly is set.

Molly bolts are hollow-wall anchors designed to be used with drywall and similar thin materials. Their expandable legs spread against the interior of a wall to redistribute the weight of a heavy hanging object and preserve the integrity of the wall. Molly bolts can be used to secure shelves, paintings, plaques and other heavy objects that may break regular fasteners and ruin drywall. According to This Old House, the biggest molly bolts can hold up to 50 pounds.

Because turning molly bolts with a screwdriver can be tiring, you can instead use a molly-setter, a tool similar to pliers, to install mollys. The Natural Handyman recommends using a molly-setter to keep the molly?s screw head from spinning in place during installation so that it doesn?t lose its grip and skid. A molly-setter is especially useful when installing molly bolts in hollow-core doors and through metal.