How Does One Install a Maytag Dryer Belt?


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To replace the belt in a Maytag dryer from a machine manufactured around 1979 to 1998, first disconnect the dryer, and then remove the screws from the front panel. Open the panel, and remove the belt and pulley mechanism. Then, place the new belt in place over the tumbler.

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Older models of Maytag dryer have a more complex disassembling step. When removing the belt, make sure to disconnect the exhaust and the gas line if you're working with a gas-powered dryer. Make sure the gas is turned off before disconnecting the gas line. Older models of Maytag dryers also have two different belts and more complicated mechanisms to deal with.

With the newer Maytag dryers that use belts, only one belt is required to spin the tumbler inside the dryer. This belt must be properly fitted to the pulley mechanisms and run around the tumbler itself to ensure the tumbler spin properly. If the belt is not properly installed, it pops off of the mechanism, and the tumbler does not spin. Improper installation may lead to damage to the belt. Once the belt has been properly installed, replace the tumbler front and the appliance front panel to complete the installation.

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