How Does One Form a Comparison of Heat Pumps?


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Heat pumps can be compared according to their overall efficiency, compressor types, motor types and noise levels. An individual should determine whether his local climate is appropriate for a heat pump before purchasing one. Heat pumps usually work better in areas with a moderately cool climate.

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Heat pumps should be designed to be as efficient as possible to help users save on operating and energy costs. Some pumps are designed to use wasted heat as a method of heating up water while the pump is cooling. The type of compressor a heat pump has can also determine how efficient it is.

Compressor types include two-speed compressors and standard compressors. Two-speed compressors allow heat pumps to work more efficiency by ensuring they operate at the required capacity while standard compressors consistently operate at the highest capacity no matter the setting. A two-speed compressor heat pump may not require as much maintenance as a standard compressor since the unit isn't under as much strain.

Motor types include dual speed and variable speed motors. Motors are designed to create a more consistent air velocity and to make the heat pump more energy efficient. A newer motor can also reduce the amount of noise a heat pump makes since the blower doesn't have to operate as frequently.

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