How Does One Fix a Flooded Lawn Mower Engine?

To start a lawn mower engine that has flooded, make sure that the tank still has enough gas in it, and then give the mower 15 minutes to let the gas in the cylinder or carburetor evaporate. It is easy to identify a flooded engine because it smells like gasoline.

  1. Check the gas

    Unscrew the lid to the gas tank on your lawn mower. Use a dipstick (if present) or visual inspection to determine whether there is enough gasoline to start the engine, as choking the engine to the point of flooding uses more gasoline than choke-free starting.

  2. Give the mower a rest

    Park your lawn mower on a level spot, and find something else to do for 15 to 20 minutes. This gives the gas that has flooded the engine has some time to evaporate. Give the lawn mower five to 10 more minutes if the smell of gasoline has not yet dissipated when you return.

  3. Start the mower

    Follow the instructions in the owner's manual for starting the motor, whether that means pushing the Start button or pulling the starting cord. Make sure to leave the choke off when you start the mower this time, as the likely cause for the flooding the first time was excessive use of the choke.