How Does One Figure Out How to Fix a York Furnace?


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A person can figure out how to fix a York furnace by doing some troubleshooting, such as looking at the thermostat, the power and filter. Some of these repairs can be done alone, but others must be performed by a professional.

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The first thing to check is that the thermostat is set to heat. These settings can easily be changed, and it may be the cause of the problem. Another thing to check is what the thermostat is set to. If the thermostat is set lower than the current indoor temperature, it does not work.

A person should also check that the power to the furnace is turned on. This can be checked by turning the fan to the On position. If the fan runs, the furnace has power. The circuit breakers should also be checked, as these can be tripped easily. The SSU light switch, which is on the box near the furnace, should also be in the On position.

Checking the filters is also recommended, as a blocked filter can cause the furnace to shut down when it does not have proper air flow. If the filter is blocked, a new one should be installed. Other areas that need to be checked for cleanliness are the air registers. If they are plugged, the furnace tends not to work. If these solutions do not fix the problem, then a professional should be contacted.

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