How Does One Estimate Costs for an in-Ground Pool?


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In-ground pool costs are estimated by consulting professionals, using online pool cost calculators and by doing research. According to Pool Pricer, the average cost of an in-ground pool can range from $25,000 to $50,000, though location, size, depth, lining material and extra features can have a big impact on the cost. Homeowners should also consult professionals to determine annual maintenance costs when considering whether or not to build a pool.

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According to Pool Pricer, size is the primary factor in determining the cost of a pool. Larger pools are more expensive than smaller ones. Deeper pools require more digging, equating to higher labor costs. Pools with vinyl liners are cheaper than those made of gunite, fiberglass or other premium materials. The cost of living in some areas affects the price of a pool, with permits adding additional financial burden. Some pool owners attempt to do some of the construction themselves, which can significantly lower the cost of the pool. Fencing, diving boards, slides, spas and lighting create beautiful landscaping features, but they also drive the cost of the pool upwards.

SFGate's HomeGuides notes that maintenance of in-ground pools can be expensive. Filling the pool, treating it with chemicals and cleaning the pool all factor into the overall expense. Contractors or pool-cleaning professionals typically provide cost estimates for homeowners after visiting their pools to assess the maintenance needs.

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