How Does One Disassemble an Amana Dryer?


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Materials needed to disassemble an Amana dryer include a putty knife, a screwdriver, a rope for securing the top and a socket wrench. Before opening the dryer, unplug it to prevent personal injury or death, and avoid damage to the dryer.

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Using a sturdy putty knife, press in at the spring clips just below the lid and lift up to swing the top up. If a putty knife is not available, use the screwdriver to pry the lid up. The top should pop up if there are two brackets at the back of the dryer that allow the dryer lid to swing up. Use the rope to secure the lid up and out of the way.

Locate two bolts near the top of the front of the dryer. Use the socket wrench to remove these bolts. Before removing the front of the dryer, take a photo of the connected wires for later reference. Disconnect these wires, lift and remove the front. If the wires are grouped together into a plastic harness, disconnect the harness.

Disconnect the two wires and wire clip near the top of the bulkhead. Locate four screws that secure the bulkhead to the dryer and use the screwdriver to remove these pieces. Slightly lift the bulkhead, and pull it away from the drum, then lift the drum out.

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