How Does One Clean Travertine Tile?

How Does One Clean Travertine Tile?

To clean Travertine tile, apply a conservative amount of a neutral soap or stone cleaner to the tile with a soft cloth or mop, and then promptly remove it. If you do not promptly remove the cleaner, it may leave streaks on your tiles.

  1. Pick a cleaner and an applicator

    Travertine is a stone, but it is less dense than other common stones used as tiles. That said, using a harsh or acidic cleaner can be very harmful to your stones. A stone cleaner or a neutral soap is your best choice. As for your applicator, a soft cloth, mop or sponge all work.

  2. Scrub the tiles

    As long as you are using a safe cleaner and soft scrub, you will not damage the Travertine tiles. Scrub in a circular motion. Do this as much as you need to remove any stains or blemishes.

  3. Remove excess cleaner

    As soon as you have finished scrubbing, promptly remove any excess cleaner with a clean cloth or sponge. If you neglect this step, the tiles are likely to dry with streaks.

  4. Perform regular maintenance

    In order to keep your tiles consistently clean, make sure to clean up spills immediately. This helps in preventing serious stains.