How Does One Clean Satin Shoes?

How Does One Clean Satin Shoes?

With a bit of preparation, satin shoes can be cleaned in cold water using hand soap or cleaners that use sodium percarbonate. Generally, any attempt to clean satin shoes begins with applying cold water.

Depending on the degree of the stain, there are multiple ways to clean satin shoes. However, the crucial first step is preparation. One must make sure that the shoes are free of any dirt and dust that can be removed with a dry cloth.

The gentlest possible process would be just using cold water. A damp cloth with cold water can be used to blot a stain. One should use downward motions when dabbing the cloth follow the grain of the fabric. Crucial here is dabbing as opposed to rubbing.

At this point, one should make sure to dry their shoes using the same dabbing and blotting with a dry towel. If the stains are removed, the job is complete. If the stains remain, one can try to use hand soap.

Using a wet towel with hand soap requires the same motions of dabbing as opposed to rubbing and following the grain of the fabric. After using hand soap, shoes should also be dried in the same way.

On more stubborn stains, one could also use powdered stain removers with sodium percarbonate. In any case, it is important to make sure to only apply cleaner to the stained portion of the shoe.