How Does One Clean a Deep Fryer After Use?


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To clean a deep fryer, the user removes cooled oil, wipes away oil with paper towels, and washes the surfaces with a dish soap and water mixture. A vinegar and water solution in the fryer helps remove food odors. The fryer is rinsed and dried to remove soap residue.

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The fryer should remain unplugged during the cleaning process to avoid shocks. The best time to clean the unit is after the appliance and the oil cool to avoid burns. Rancid oil that smells and appears discolored gets discarded. Oil that is still good is okay for reuse after cleaning.

The leftover oil is difficult to remove with soap and water alone. Use paper towels to wipe, and absorb as much oil as possible makes the process easier. Once most of the oil is gone, a soapy sponge is able to tackle the remaining grease. Deep fryers should never be immersed in water. The user should take care to avoid getting water near electrical inputs on the appliance.

A paste made from water and baking soda, or a degreaser product, works to remove the crust that sometimes forms on the outside of the fryer. After 10 minutes, the paste or degreaser should wipe off along with the exterior stains.

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