What Is an Omni 105 Kerosene Heater?

The Omni-105 Kerosun portable kerosene heater was manufactured in Japan by Toyotomi and sold in the United States by Toyotomi USA. The Omni-105 is no longer available for purchase through Toyotomi.

As originally manufactured, the Omni-105 Kerosun portable kerosene heater featured a wick life-extender and a triple safety shutoff. The heater also had safety guards to prevents burns, and a double-wall tank construction to prevent fuel leakage. The Omni-105 Kerosun had an output capacity of 23,000 British thermal units, capable of heating up to 1,140 square feet in 20 degrees Fahrenheit conditions. The heater held 1.99 gallons of kerosene, capable of burning for 12 to 16 hours per tank.