How Do You Find an Olympic Paint Retailer?

How Do You Find an Olympic Paint Retailer?

By visiting the Olympic website, users can quickly and easily find an Olympic dealer nearby. Simply click "Explore Products" and "Find a Store" to search.

The Olympic website is a place where users can find the perfect paint color for any room then quickly search where to buy it.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the company's website and click on "Explore Products" then "Find a Store."

  3. Enter a ZIP code
  4. Enter a ZIP code at the top of the screen. Select a country and the distance the search should cover.

  5. Select a product
  6. Click the boxes next to the product the engine should search for. Click "Search.

  7. Look at the map
  8. The next screen that appears contains a list of stores in the area along with a map. Each location is plotted on the map, and the list of stores contains the physical address, telephone number and Olympic brands carried at each specific location. The site also shows driving distance and contains a link to click on for directions.

  9. Click on "Directions"
  10. Clicking on the "Directions" link opens Google maps

Olympic paints and other products are sold at large retailers such as Lowe's and Sears and at many smaller stores all over the United States.