What Are Some Olive Tree Care Tips?


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To care for an olive tree, provide them with good draining, fertilizer and occasional watering. As a drought-tolerant plant, olive trees don’t require a lot of watering once they are established.

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Olive plants should be in an area of the yard that has good drainage in the soil and plenty of sunlight. They need an area where the water can stand and soak the roots of the tree so it survives during drought seasons. It is not like a desert plant in that it doesn’t need water, but the watering is considerably less than other plants and trees. Olive trees need a minimum of six hours a day of direct sunlight.

When moving the olive plant from the pot to the ground, use the soil from the pot. Don’t attempt to use organic material or moisture-retaining polymers. It needs its own native soil. Fertilizing is only done after planting it and must be done regularly during the growing season. Fast-release fertilizer is usually a good option for olive plants.

Avoid using mulch made up on cypress mulch, wood chips or cellulose products. These take away from the nitrogen and other nutrients in the native soil. Olive plants do not need to be pruned in order to grow fruit. Pruning only needs to be done to get the preferred shape and for overgrown trees.

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