Are Old Water Pitchers Worth Any Money?


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An old water pitcher may be worth money if it is a sought-after antique piece, such as a Paul Revere antique sterling silver water pitcher or a Victorian silver-plated water pitcher. To ascertain value, owners of old water pitchers can identify the maker, use collectors guides and online resources, or have the pitcher appraised.

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Other examples of valuable antique water pitchers include vintage Fiesta disk water pitchers from the 1940s and 1950s and mid-century sterling silver water pitchers by such makers as Tiffany, Garrard and Kirk. Some of these pieces retail for as much as $3,000, as of 2015. Water pitchers from notable historical periods or artistic movements are also often quite valuable, such as Art Nouveau water pitchers by F.R. Fisher.

There are several ways to determine the potential monetary value of an old water pitcher. It's helpful to know the maker, which may automatically indicate value. The maker's mark is typically lightly etched into the bottom of the pitcher. Free appraisers and fellow collectors on InstAppraisal.com can help identify the maker's mark via an uploaded photo.

Collectors guides are another possible source of information on makers' marks, old water pitchers, antiques in general and corresponding values. For example, Korvels.com is a respected source for information about antiques and collectibles, featuring a navigable database and a dictionary of makers' marks for pottery, porcelain, silver and sundry items. Website visitors can search through collections of makers' marks or consult other appraisal resources.

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