How Do You Find Old Tiller Parts?

How Do You Find Old Tiller Parts?

Old tiller parts can be found at various websites, such as Tillers Direct. They can also be found at used garden supply stores and

When searching for old tiller parts, the prices and selection varies depending on factors, such as the brand of the tiller, the seller and the condition of the parts.

  1. Determine the part model or number
  2. Before searching for a part, it is vital to determine the model or number of the part needed. This ensures the one selected fits the tiller in question. Each part is made for different manufacturer's but, sometimes, universal parts are available.

  3. Search for the part
  4. After obtaining the correct information for the part needed, search various places. When searching, enter the model number to bring up the parts that will work. Some places allow searching by age, brand, price and type to narrow down the selection. If unsure of which part to use, contact customer service.

  5. Check information
  6. When a suitable part is located, read the product description thoroughly. This provides information about the materials used, the size of the part and the compatibility. It is also important to check the condition, the price and whether the seller offers refunds in case the part is defective.