How Do You Know If an Old Cast-Iron Stove for Sale Is Worth Buying?


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In order to determine if an old cast iron stove is worth buying, one must take into account the condition of the stove, its manufacturer and any work that may be required to restore it. Ultimately, the stove's value is based on the buyer's personal preference and individual needs.

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The first thing a person should think about when considering buying an old cast iron stove is the reason for making the purchase in the first place, as this dictates many other factors that need to be considered. For example, if the buyer is simply looking for a stove to display as-is with no restoration, then the most important factor is the look of the stove. Alternately, if the buyer wants to restore the stove to display in a home and use it to prepare meals, then she needs to consider the restoration costs as well as the amount of time the restoration process may take.

Another factor to consider is the stove's resale value. Even if the buyer intends to keep the stove, knowing how much he could get for it in the future can influence buying. A stove that can be resold for a high profit in the future can be viewed as an investment.

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