How Old Are Antique Aladdin Oil Lamps?


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The first Aladdin kerosene oil lamp was made in 1909. The earliest lamps had brass-plated bases and glass chimneys. Aladdin stamped model numbers on the wick knob in 1913, making them easier to identify for collectors.

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Plume & Atwood of Waterbury, Connecticut, built the table lamps until the 1920s. Aladdin expanded its product line and acquired Lippincott Glass in 1926. It manufactured its own lampshades and chimneys.

The most collectible Aladdin kerosene lamps are vase lamps, which were made from 1930 to 1935. They have a removable brass fuel pot and a glass base. The Florentine was produced with green or rose glass and is the most popular lamp with collectors.

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