How Do You Get Oil Out of Suede?

oil-out-suede Credit: Andrew Magill/CC-BY 2.0

Remove oil from suede by sprinkling cornstarch, talcum powder, foot powder or artificial sweetener into the stain to absorb the oil. When the powder looks oily, brush it away using a soft brush, and repeat the process until the oil no longer changes texture. Brush over the area well to restore the appearance of the suede.

Another way to remove oil from suede requires sprinkling powder over the spot and patting the powder into the oil. Leave the powder on the stain overnight, then brush it off. Repeat the overnight treatment until all of the oil is absorbed. Gently rub the spot with art gum or a very soft eraser to restore the suede's appearance. Professional cleaning is recommended for suede pieces that have large or heavy oil stains.

Suede is easily stained because the material is created from the underside of the leather hide. The fibers of the hide are treated and raised to give the material a soft, velvety feel. To ensure the item remains in good condition for as long as possible, treat the suede with leather protector. Leather protector helps repel stains made by water spotting and soil. Reapply the protector at least once a year or more often if the item is often subjected to harsh conditions.