How Do You Get Oil Out of Leather?

Get oil out of leather by acting quickly, applying a powder to absorb the oil, vacuuming or brushing the powder away and repeating the process until the oil is gone. Remember to check the label on the leather before using any products on it.

  1. Act quickly

    By working quickly to remove oil from leather, you can prevent permanent damage. Blot the oil if possible to prevent it from being absorbed. Use care not to push oil to other parts of the leather.

  2. Apply a powder or degreaser

    For fresh oil or grease spills, sprinkle corn starch or talc powder on the problem area. If the oil has been absorbed into the leather, or for tough, messy oil slicks, choose a professional-grade product designed to degrease leather. The specific formula of these products allows them to remove the oil without damaging the leather.

  3. Vacuum or brush the leather

    Allow the professional product to dry, or give corn starch or talc several hours to absorb the oil. Vacuum up the residue with a hand-held vacuum or upholstery attachment. For smaller sections of leather, such as purses or shoes, use a brush to sweep the residue away.

  4. Repeat the process until the oil is gone

    Because of the greasy nature of oil and the absorbent qualities of leather, it may take several applications of corn starch or talc powder to thoroughly remove oil. More than one application of professional leather degreasers is often required as well. Repeat the application and vacuuming process until the oil is gone.