How Do You Get Oil Out of Fabric?


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Get oil out of fabric by pre-treating the area with a stain remover and washing the garment. You need heavy-duty liquid detergent, pre-treatment spray, laundry detergent, a washing machine and water.

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  1. Get your pre-treatment spray

    Purchase pre-treatment spray that has either a detergent or petroleum base. These sprays are more likely to remove stubborn oil stains.

  2. Treat the area with the liquid detergent

    Pour a good amount of the liquid detergent onto the oily area. Thoroughly rub it into the fabric.

  3. Add the pre-treatment spray

    Once you have rubbed in the detergent, spray the oily area liberally with the pre-treatment spray.

  4. Allow the pre-treatment to soak

    Allow the detergent and spray to soak into the oily area for several minutes.

  5. Wash the garment

    Consult the label on the fabric for washing instructions. Fill the washing machine with hot water as long as it conforms to the label's instructions. Add a regular amount of powdered laundry detergent. Wash the garment.

  6. Rinse the garment

    Rinse the fabric thoroughly. Check to see if the oil stain is gone.

  7. Wash and rinse the item again

    Repeat the washing and rinsing steps until the oil stain is completely removed.

  8. Dry the fabric

    Consult the label on the fabric for drying instructions. Dry the garment accordingly.

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