How Do You Get Oil Out of Carpet?

How Do You Get Oil Out of Carpet?

To remove oil spills from a carpet, soak up the oil with an absorbent material, remove the material, sponge with dry-cleaning solvent, blot up the solvent, and allow the carpet to dry. If the stain remains, mix dishwashing detergent in water, sponge the stain, and rinse.

  1. Soak up the oil

    Use an absorbent material to soak up the stain. Sprinkle kitty litter, baking soda or sawdust on top of the oil. If you do not have access to these materials, lay a stack of paper towels on top of the stain to absorb it. Leave the material in place for 15 to 20 minutes.

  2. Remove the absorbent

    Use a broom and dustpan to remove the absorbent material, or throw away the paper towels.

  3. Sponge with dry-cleaning fluid

    Dip a clean, white cloth into dry-cleaning fluid, and sponge to wet the stained carpet fibers. Do not soak the carpet backing or pad.

  4. Blot the fluid

    Use a clean towel to blot the fluid and oil from the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry.

  5. Remove the final traces of the stain

    If any stain remains, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of vinegar and 2 cups of warm tap water. Sponge this solution into the stained fibers, blot dry, and rinse with water. Provide ventilation to dry the carpet.