How Often Are Most Offices Cleaned?

While individual schedules may vary, most offices go through daily basic cleaning and thorough cleaning once a week. The size of the office, the number of employees who use it and the type of office furniture have a bearing on its cleaning schedule and on the amount of cleaning required.

Daily basic cleaning of an office typically includes taking out trash, a light sweep or vacuum and disinfecting of shared surfaces such as keyboards, desks and doors. Remove all traces of food and drink and brush down seating areas to keep them free of dust. Computers and electronic equipment benefit from daily dusting to keep them functioning optimally. Have a daily routine of cleaning restrooms and break rooms to keep the office area disease free.

A weekly schedule of thorough cleaning involves cleaning the entire office from top to bottom. This includes thorough vacuuming and washing of floors, dusting or polishing of all furniture, emptying bins, replacing liners and removing cobwebs. Remove all items from the office before embarking on thorough cleaning, and use a steam mop for an immaculate workspace. Top to bottom office cleaning also includes cleaning entrance and window glass and cupboard fronts. If window blinds or curtains are used, brush these down and wash them regularly.