How Do You Take Off Window Tint?


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To take off window tint, clean the window tint, spray ammonia inside the window to loosen the tint and then peel the tint from the window with a blade. Next, use steel wool pads and ammonia to remove adhesives from the window, and then clean the window with a cleaner and a paper towel.

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  1. Clean the window, and loosen the tint

    Use a glass cleaner and a towel to remove any dirt from the window, and eliminate any material that may hinder removing the tint. Cover the window with a large plastic bag, apply ammonia inside the window to make it easier to remove the tint, and then leave the window tint in the sun for a few minutes. Be sure to keep the plastic bag over the ammonia to avoid drying.

  2. Remove the tint

    Using a razor blade, peel off the tint slowly to remove it in a single piece. Be sure to begin peeling the film from a corner. Apply soapy water on the window tint, then use a another blade to eliminate any debris from the window if needed.

  3. Clear adhesives

    Using ammonia and steel wool pads, scrub the window gently to eliminate adhesives. Pour a cleaner on the window, and use a paper towel to clean it. If necessary, apply WD-40 on the window, and clear any excess flue with a steel wool pad and a paper towel to eliminate the window tint.

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