How Do You Obtain a Local Building Permit Application?


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Obtain a building permit from the local building department in your area. Send the permit to the local planning department for required land use approval and to the local sanitation authority or Department of Environmental Quality for required sanitation or septic approval. Before submitting any permit applications obtain local land use approval for any new structure.

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As part of the application for the building permit, you must provide information including any and all descriptions of the proposed amount of work to be done, site plans, floor plans, and cross-sections showing all the construction details. You may not start any construction or work on the building until an approved set of plans is returned to you; this is typically done through the mail. The approved set of plans along with the construction permit must be accessible on the job site at all times for the inspector.

Any work done on a building must be certified by a licensed inspector. The inspector checks the house for quality control and makes sure the building is being constructed under the regulations provided. An inspector must be called within 24 hours of completing any phase of the project before the project is allowed to proceed.

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